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how to make resin coasters with pictures

I highly recommend doing this outside as the resin is pretty strong smelling. My experience with rings is that they are usually fade or disappear after some time or can be wiped away since they can be caused by condensation. I used Envirotex Resin before I switched to the ArtResin. Use a stirring stick and mix the resin well for 2 minutes. Use gloves and work in a well-ventilated area on a surface protected with plastic or newspaper. 2 Apply Mod Podge to the back of the photo using the sponge applicator, and carefully place it … Read More…, Your email address will not be published. I’ll often give my tiles 24 hours to dry when using Mod Podge even if it’s set in about an hour. I have a laser printer would that be an issue? Step 1. Distribute the mixed resin evenly across the six lids. Set the scraper down in a clean location, or have others ready to go, they may be useful again for touchups. I hope those tips help and let me know if you have any other questions! Pour your resin in and let it be for about 24 hours. Wonderfully explained tutorial with step by step instructions and pictures. If you are interested in additional beach project ideas be sure to explore any of our driftwood crafts, beach wall art, upcycled beach theme photo frame, beach themed jewelry as well as our felt ocean creature patterns. Make sure to use a torch or a heat gun to remove any air bubbles from the surface of the pour. And my confidence is just from reading the How To. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And lastly, be considerate of the temperature, airflow and movement in the room you are curing in, just walking into the room, opening a door, or AC/Heat vent can kick up dust and other debris. Preparing the Photos and Lids. At the very least, the ArtResin is food grade safe. Pour the resin … Don’t forget to wash your glue brush with warm soap and water if you plan on using it in the future! At this point, I’m closer to 98% yield. I suggest wearing, Using your dry, clean, measuring cup (created in. Print out your photos such that the shortest side is just larger than the lid insert. I highly recommend their products and would say that (disclaimer) even if they did not send me their 32oz starter kit for this tutorial. So, if you are looking for some coasters for yourself or to give as a gift, give resin a try! Read all package instructions. However, last summer I took the plunge and created these resin photo coasters using resin and mason jar lids. 4. Transfer tiles to a clean surface, if it has not been at least 72 hours since resin application, do not place anything (cups, mugs, other tiles, etc) on top of the coasters. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Your email address will not be published. Mod Podge is non-toxic, but has a distinct odor which can give headaches to someone who is sensitive to certain smells. They raise the tiles above the work surface and allow the self-leveling resin to drip unobstructed from the taped tile-bottom. I have run into a problem with glasses sticking to the coasters but not beer bottles, plastic cups, or ceramic products. When I first started I was consistently getting about 60% yield which left me with a lot of unsatisfactory and unusable coasters. Mix equal parts of resin and hardener in a clean measuring cup. Hi! Let dry. Those same plastic cups you used for your measuring cups also work perfectly as resin pouring pedestals for the coasters. • Resin coaster mold • Castin’ Craft Easy Cast resin • … Let's dig in →. ArtResin (unlike other epoxy resins) is No-VOC, no-fumes, non-toxic, food-safe and conforms to ASTM D4236 (safe for Home Use). This is important to prevent the resin from seeping out. Use the lid insert to trace out the images. Repeat as necessary over the next 1-2 hours. A silicone resin coaster mold does eventually become worn and the resin will begin to stick to it and the silicone will start to break or tear. Turn the cups upside down and space them about 6” apart. I can’t guarantee you won’t also get rings with the ArtResin as it does depend on the curing conditions (temperature, etc) and quality of the mixing process, however, the coasters I made with the Envirotex have yellowed over about a year’s time, where the ArtResin is still crystal clear. Butane torches can cause severe burns and off-gas harmful chemicals. Sisters, moms, creatives at heart. They are easy to make, great gift ideas, and don’t take much in the way of materials! Early in the curing process, while the liquid is still able to be manipulated, you can easily remove it with the scraper tool. I’ll say it does take a lot of practice to get good at it… I have a few thousand under my belt at this point. It should be fine, though you may run into increased bubbling during the curing process depending on the paper you use. I would be most grateful for any advice you can give me. Let me know if you have any further questions! Landscape, nature and fine art photographer, Sun chaser. Back then, I could only find the silicone molds for coasters suitable for coffee and tea mugs and drinking glasses. I’m not sure if there is a good solution for it, unfortunately. Your email address will not be published. I still only make batches of 12 at a time. Stick the felt pads to the … Required fields are marked *, How To Make Photo Coasters Using Epoxy Resin. It’s clear, extremely informative and just delightful to read (and watch!). I coated the pictures with one thin layer of mod podge before pouring the resin, at first you could see the white, but once the mod podge dried it went away. Read all package instructions. Check it out! I’ve truly enjoyed seeing them all through the winter, reminding me of the warmer days to come on the beach. A gentle touch will do. Using water and a standard liquid measuring cup or scale, measure the correct amount of liquid you will need for your project (see my chart for amounts/coasters). Although I originally intended to use them as coasters, I glued some magnets to the back and use them on my fridge. You’ll want the same amount of Resin to Hardener. See more ideas about resin art, resin, resin crafts. Are they totally flawless or maybe you also get some tiny bubbles in them sometimes? I think it’s just condensation and a suction that is created on the bottom of the glass that causes it. Silicone coaster molds; Items of your choice to embed (I worked with faux fern stems and fabric daisies, but some other ideas could include photos, coins, buttons, real dried flowers/greenery, beads, shells—anything that is shallower than your coaster mold will most likely work! What a great tutorial Brian thank you! I have just started making coasters with my photos but I’m using wood instead of the ceramic tile. The resin gives the coasters … Use gloves and work in a well-ventilated area on a surface protected with plastic or newspaper. The epoxy resin … Resin coasters are actually easy to make and they are super durable. In my coaster making beginnings, I was coming back to it everyday and each time I was finding something new to focus on. When the two are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs and over a few hours, the liquid turns into a solid. Leave to cure overnight (24 hours for a soft cure, 72 hours for full cure). Just wanted to ask how do your coaster come up? Glue the image into the lid. Good luck and let me know the results! You can embed many things in resin for jewelry as well as for home decor. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Canvas Etc. He’s convinced that one tiny grain will completely ruin the lenses forever. Now that you know how to make coasters, you have only to decide what kind of coaster you would like to create. I rarely print any of them out. WOW! This is important to prevent the resin … I prefer using 4”x6” high-gloss sheets since there is less cutting involved. You can take this concept and add to it, if you want to make … stir sticks, straw or kitchen torch, disposable work surface, gloves. We want to eliminate any chance there is debris, which may cause air bubbles, between the surface and the adhered print. There are a multitude of ideas for different DIY resin coasters… This is exactly what I have been looking for to bring in more photography product to my store. A few tips I can suggest: Limit yourself to small batches. How to make patterned coasters: 1. We're sisters, moms and lifelong craft addicts sharing our love of creativity, nature and coastal DIY ideas here at Sustain My Craft Habit. This is a messy process even for the most careful handed. 1. I hope it helps! 5. I have recently been making coasters just like these with photographs and other upcycled materials, and they make great gifts/products. I have not run into that issue. Try to reduce the glue along the edges of the print to be as minimal as possible – that is the biggest culprit for creating bubbles. I’d like to share my process with you and I hope you find this tutorial useful for your own business or DIY home decor needs. Introduction: How to Make a Personalized Epoxy Resin Coaster I am going to explain to you how to make your own personally designed coaster. The total cost for a set of 8-10 DIY photo coasters would be less than $10, with plenty of resin to spare to make more. In this way I’ve been able to enjoy those summer vacations memories each time I see them. Use the lid insert to trace out the images. Sometimes I get asked how to make coasters by directly hand-painting on them, so here's how: You can paint on your tiles using special oven-bake ceramic paint like the Pebeo Vitrea paints, bake them … Worth trying of course! I have used low viscosity resin on ceramic tiles and while the cups do not stick to the tiles, they do leave rings which I can’t remove. Next slowly pour the liquid from the measuring cup into another clean plastic cup. Protect workspace and gather materials. Carefully push/pull the liquid to coat all four edges/sides of the tile. 1” or larger acrylic or smooth-bristle brush, Cardboard box or surface to catch resin drips. This step isn’t necessary if you use a one piece lid. I will be making many coasters … Occasionally, I run into the same situation with different types of glasses. It may be that a medium viscosity resin is less runny and stays where intended. Thanks Brian. I know Art Resin offers a small sample kit for sale for just that purpose. Real flower coasters botanical resin via etsy . Glue the lid insert to the rim if needed. Required fields are marked *. EPOXY RESIN COASTERS. The epoxy resin has been mixed well and is not tacky to the touch. I have made several coasters now, and they have cured 2 weeks or more…I still get a ring after setting the coffee on it…I am using envirotex resin. Thank you for the great video, and awesome written directions! Would using medium viscosity resin be more suitable for this purpose? I have run into a problem with glasses sticking to the coasters but not beer bottles, plastic cups, or ceramic products. Mar 27, 2019 - Explore Hannah's board "Resin Art", followed by 3098 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about coasters, crafts, resin crafts. Print off or cut out the photo that you want to use and trim the edges to fit the ceramic tiles. Some tiny bubbles may have occurred during mixing, no need to be concerned about those tiny bubbles, you’ll just want to minimize their presence. After experimenting with a variety of applications and materials, I discovered epoxy resin was the best solution. That is enough resin for two or three coasters. Luckily my camera phone does a great job to capture those special moments. Make sure to read the instructions on your resin … https://www.diyphotography.net/turn-photos-beautiful-resin-jewelry I poured my resin just shy of the top of the lid. I’ve used several different resins over the years, and generally the process is still the same. Wear gloves to protect your hands, and pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. Step 1: Use your wooden coaster square as a template to cut out your photograph, here I’m using a cool photo of my daughter and grandson at the park. Stir for 2 minutes then transfer into a second clean measuring cup. I would try it and see what the results look like! Sometimes the pen torch will work to help resettle the distorted area. I may even be capable of doing this. Start by creating your resin. Mix equal parts of resin and hardener in a clean measuring cup. Hi! Have you run into this problem when using your coasters and do you have any suggestions for how to solve it? I like to be certain! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Diy make craft resin coasters step by step tutorial by that home bird life . Glue the image into the lid and seal with a generous coating of glue along the edges and over the image. All opinions are our own. And here are the DIY Epoxy Resin Coasters steps. It can require several hours of babysitting to make sure they are dust/bubble free. I have recently been making coasters just like these with photographs and other upcycled materials, and they make great gifts/products. As soon as more Michaels coupons come in, I will be there! While your glue is drying, you may as well make use of the time by prepping for the next few steps. Supplies for your how to make resin coasters project: • Small resin items previously cast such as leaves, shells, butterflies, buttons, etc. Put your photo coaster on a paper plate in case some resin does seep out, it won't be stuck all over your countertop. Depending on the environment that you are creating these coasters, tiny specks of dust/lint/hair may float down on to the perfectly shiny surface of your resin as it’s curing. Instructions for Making DIY Photo Coasters: Step 1: Preparing the Photos and Lids. This tutorial will show you how to make DIY photo coasters in minutes! I used about ½ oz per coaster (3 cups total volume). Resin art tutorial make freeform geode coasters … We made these for our grandparents. Get those photos off your phone and use them to create some beautiful and handy summer vacation DIY photo coasters with resin. Steps To Make The Seashell Coasters. Again, be diligent and watch closely over those few critical six to seven hours. I would guess that the porous feature of wood may cause a lot of bubbles in the curing process. It uses a 1:1 ratio. This is a cool, unique photo coaster you can make for yourself or for someone special. One I plan to keep as my step by step. So when Fran Valera of Little Windows sent me some of her photo paper to try, I was most excited! Feel free to discard your measuring/mixing cups after you’ve emptied them. How To Make DIY Wood Coasters With Pictures. We are actually going to show you how to use a marbled resin technique to decorate these coasters. Print out your photos such that the shortest side is just larger than the lid insert. Ideas for DIY Resin Coasters. Use the lid insert to trace out the images. No problem – I hope it goes well! Thanks! DIY epoxy resin wood coasters via diy huntress . Use a cardboard scraper (matte board cut to 1”x2”) to gently push the resin evenly over the top surface of the coaster. Note: This DIY project originally appeared on the Resin Crafts Blog. Do you think the tile has advantages over using wood? At this stage, I add my brand logo stickers from Moo.com to the bottom of the cork. Thank you for sharing your techniques.. Learn how easy it is to make homemade DIY photo coasters on ceramic tiles. ©Sustain My Craft Habit, 2015-2020. Glue the lid insert to the rim. Experimenting with other materials can be a lot of fun! This tutorial will show you how to make DIY photo coasters in minutes! I’ve never managed to create a coaster with not a single bubble in the resin, so I’m just curious about other people’s results 🙂 I also use ArtResin, just to tell. Glue the lid insert to the rim. The Loctite Go2Glue requires proper ventilation. A small artist torch is very useful and you’ll get better at it with practice – it does take a certain gentle touch. Many craft stores, like Michael’s, sell pre-cut. Hi Brian 🙂 First of all, I really wanted to say that I just love your tutorial. Stir with a clean stir stick for another minute. Just wait until I watch the video. Really, really well done. « Using the Cricut EasyPress 2 on a Drawstring Bag. Stir for 2 minutes then transfer into a second clean measuring cup. I’m so happy to have these photos on display. Or pair them with a poured resin book box for a truly one of a kind and thoughtful gift idea. Most major printer companies (, Tiles are often dusty from their shipping packages. Print out your photos and cut them to size with sharp scissors. (high gloss) Have yu ever tried such a thing? The tiles were 4.25 inches x 4.25 inches so I wanted my pictures … To make one coaster, you will need about 3 oz of resin. Petri dish coasters by artsy fartsy mama . So are you better than me at printing out those photos? Wash and dry your jar lids, then spray paint them silver. You may want to give it a try. Engine spray sounds like a bad idea, particularly if these are for food/drink serving purposes. A little recognition is always nice! The resin may also ‘soak’ into a standard printing paper. This helps turn it over and mix it more evenly. Place the lids on a level surface and cover to keep dust from settling in. Drips over the edges will occur and that’s what you want but try to keep as much liquid on top as possible. ); Disposable measuring cups and larger plastic cups to mix the resin … Once it is dried… The all-purpose cleaner being used in this tutorial is non-toxic and derived from natural ingredients. One photo, excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to SustainMyCraftHabit.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Again, take that previous wooden popsicle stick (or a new, clean one) and continue stirring slowly for at least another 45 seconds. But it will likely depend on the type of wood, smoothness of the surface and possibly sealing of the wood with another method. Your email address will not be published. I prefer not to use a lid. Easy to make DIY photo coasters. It dries crystal clear, doesn’t yellow over time, and the safety of it’s non-toxic properties are worth the slightly higher investment. The first step is obvious but super important. Tip the lids as needed to make sure it gets into the edges of the lids. With an occasional tile that just didn’t want to be, whether from a bubble or dust or hair. Cut them out with sharp scissors. Pour your resin! I certainly encourage arts and crafts with kids, but be mindful of the tools and materials you are using in your household. This website is not intended to substitute the advice of a professional. Placing a clean box over the coasters as their curing can sometimes help, but every time it’s lifted up to check for bubbles, the suction can pull more dust onto the clean surface. Find our Privacy Policy here. DIY WOOD & RESIN COASTERS : You can find random pieces of tree branches and turn them into something as cool as these resin coasters!These came out great, and it was a fun experience! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Sharing nature-inspired DIY, craft and home decor ideas. Do you think the art resin would be better..I hate making more if I cannot figure this out….Someone had suggested using a spray for engines. You can read our full disclosure here. Also, be diligent while the tiles are curing. Hopefully it goes without saying: knives are sharp, flames can burn, and chemical vapors can cause brain and nerve damage. Make sure you protect your workspace as resin … A set of these coasters or magnets would also make a wonderful gift idea for a special birthday, Mother’s Day or even as a wedding favor. I fell in love with ArtResin the first time I used it. It helped me a lot. This is especially true on the beach. The project consists of using an epoxy resin mixture to seal in whatever objects you would like to be displayed on your coaster … After the pour cures (this will depend on what type of resin you use), de-mold the coasters … Happy coastering! How to make Resin Coasters Whatever shape or design you choose, choosing to work with resin … Thanks, Jean! How to Make Resin Coated Photo Coasters. You’ll notice that throughout this process, the haze in the mixture has become clear. My husband has a minor stroke just thinking about me taking one of the fancier cameras down into the sand. The publisher will not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with or arising from the use of the information displayed on SustainMyCraftHabit.com. Read the precautions on labels and follow instructions carefully. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, Sustain My Craft Habit makes no guarantee as to the procedures & information contained here. The viscous property of resin allows it to drag around without pressing the scraper down to the print surface. And now time for my question 🙂 I’ve been trying to create 200% perfect coasters for a quite a while now and unfortunately, I’ve never gotten to this point- either my coasters end with a tiny dusty piece in the resin, or there are some microbubbles in it. For this you will need a paper cup (or a container you don’t mind ruining) and a mixing stick. This time, I wanted to make coasters …

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