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framing octagon stairs

How to Build an Octagonal Deck. The outside width of the stair should be the same width as a wall on the octagon tower. You will have to alter the plan slightly. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Be sure that your steps line up with the block lines on the tower (where the blocks meet at the seams). See your deck in 3D … [1] "How to Measure Angles with a Ruler", South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Website:, retrieved 10/26/2013, copy on file. This table gives the number of framing members N in a floor, ceiling, wall or roof of width (or "run") W. Complete details about this table and how to use it are found at, FRAMING SQUARE N JOISTS RAFTERS N RUN FT-IN. Scrape off all the remaining splinters so that the edge of the miter is clean. This will make it easier to paint the inside and also place miniatures in the building when finished. All photos, articles and plans are copyrighted by Bruce Hirst and may not be used without permission. Fit it under a stair piece from the prison tower. The simplest case is a round rail. The end of each tread will need to be … Details about reading and using the octagon table on a framing square are found at, FRAMING SQUARE OCTAGON TABLE in multiples of 5 (located in the middle of the tongue), These tables are on the framing square back, on its long arm or "blade". See ROOF SLOPE TABLE, TYPES, WALKABILITY for a detailed table of roof slopes in rise & degrees as well as comments about roof slope walkability. Before you begin cutting or measuring, grab a pencil and paper and sketch an outline of your floor. Above: an example of one of the rafter length data columns explained in the article cited just above. This table shows us the length of the brace arms needed for diagonal braces used, for example, to stabilize & support posts used in timber frame construction, or in bracing the posts of a deck or porch. Glue the stair section against the wall, making sure the top corner of the stair meets with the inside corner of the tower. The most calculations during framing … A carpenter's framing square includes tables stamped right into the tool itself. Remember to check the divisions as the 12ths and 10ths below can lead you to make a measuring or saw cut mistake. 92, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the, Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss. Glue them together but, Next, place the arrow slits between the blocks. Cut 3/4 of the octagon floorplan and tape it on the corner. The square has many uses, including laying out common rafters, hip rafters and stairs. Found under the 19-23 inch columns on the framing square blade back, near the right end of the back of our framing square blade this table converts common inch-fractions from 1/32" to 15/16" into decimal fractions. The Degree at Which to Cut an Octagon From Wood. Lay the tower on its side and glue the steps, slowly rising as it goes around the tower. Here are some pictures of the octagon decks. FRAMING SQUARE ESSEX BOARD MEASURE found on the back of some older framing square blades gives the number of board feet in lumber of any dimension. The Octagon Layout Calculator is a handy carpenter's tool for laying out a perfect octagon… The floor tile piece goes next. I made these arch pieces especially for times when you only have a 1" gap and don't have room for decorative side trim. Now glue the final layer of blocks shown. The round rail has become popular in France for modern stairs often built onto stairs … The parts and faces of the framing square labelled in the framing square photograph above, and are referred to as follows: Below our photo shows the front or face side of the heel of a framing square. My old black steel framing square was easy to read in various lighting conditions, was very resistant to gouges from my rock knife when I used the square to make cuts in drywall or to make cuts in lumber as one might do to avoid chipping up wood when cross-cutting with a power saw. When dry, cut the excess cereal box off with a pair of scissors. To finish the very top of the tower, place on the elbow blocks with the straight trim pieces in-between. Take a flat tile from the Prison Tower and glue it down as shown. RAFTER Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. to decimal fractions, conversion of inches to decimal fractions of a foot, numbers of joists, studs, rafters, and even pilot hole size recommendations for wood screws. That advice does not work. The next row will need a fairly flat surface to look good. Spence, William P. (2000). In other words either approach gives us something between 46 5/8 (that's the same as 46 10/16) inches and 46 11/16 inches. Space stringer every 16” OC and mount them using drop blocks as described in the stair building … You can download the plans shown here from the, Place a row of blocks around the outside. As long as you have 1/4 or 1/2 pie shaped pieces, everything will work fine. Be sure to cut really close so there's no overhanging paper. The manufacturer could have done this too, but then they'd have to charge you more for the tool. Mark the tops of this layer (I used a black marker) because you don't want to glue it to the layer above. Drop in octagons, make a multilevel deck, add a staircase or wrap around stairs, and get a plan to submit for permits. Later you will be able to lift off that section. Some texts say "always make your measurements using the outside edges of the framing square so that you won't get fouled-up. Apologies for the delay. Be sure that the top of the stair meets exactly on the block line. On both the long and short arms of the framing square are marked various framing tables giving rafter lengths, roof slopes and the proper angle of cuts for various roofing connections such as a rafter end abutting the ridge board, the birds' mouth cut at the rafter segment that rests atop a wall plate, hip and valley rafter cuts and other information. Glue them together and glue a doorway arch on the bottom for support. Hopefully useful. Right after you've made a horrible white painted mess of the square's surface, wipe it off before the paint dries. You can see from this that the octagon sections will blend seamlessly with your floor plan. A framing square is a lot more than a simple square-cut saw guide. These are examples of an inside corner, building end and a floorplan for a cathedral. Step 2: Chalk Out the … For this example, I used pieces from the bell tower with the octagon pieces. This Calculator graphically shows the detail dimensions of the frame with entering run, angle, and so on. Overall, I think this is a very useful mold and fairly easy to use. Be sure the top of the tile lines up with the top of the wall, and fits in the corner also. Octagon Table Found on the FRONT of a Framing Square TONGUE When you hold the framing square with the tongue or shorter arm to your right and pointing down, on the outer edge of the framing square … Tools required are: Hammer, 4 ft Level Clam shell shovel or post hole auger. Start by printing out a copy of the Octagon Tower building plans. An octagonal plan. One leg of the dividers is placed on the starting line on the octagon … Don't glue any of these pieces on until after you have painted the model! For temporary support, stack a flat trim piece and a regular block. Marking out the 3D geometry for building handrails directly in 3D with CAD is really much faster and more precise than marking out by hand or in 2D. Watch out: you can get fouled up by different subdivisions of the inch markings on the face and back of a framing square. That table is shown just below. After the floor tiles dry, cut around them with scissors to remove the excess cereal box. Glue the stair section. Or see FRAMING SQUARE USER'S GUIDE FAQs - Questions & answers posted originally on this page. Octagonal Stairs By birchmore I have an octagonal shaped room (silo, 3 stories tall) and I need to build a stair case along the outer wall, following the shape of the octagon, with winders in the corners. Other tables include conversions of inches of rise/run to slope in degrees, conversion of fractions of an inch (1/32, 1/16, 1/8 etc. ) The framing square Brace Triangle Table , also referred to as the Brace Rule - is discussed in detail. Octagon Layout Calculator WHAT IS IT? Here are the next two rows glued on top. Look into the table and find the decimal fraction closest to .67. In this example, the octagon segments … Your sketch should depict the floor's basic shape and layout, complete with any additional features like alcoves, nooks, and staircases. Cap the elbow pieces off with the beveled elbow pieces as shown. This table is also called the "Diagonal Scale" table. Also note that one of the wall blocks on the octagon floorplan is cut in half. Concrete Calculator for Stairs - Metric. It can be used for balconies, wells, bunkers and dungeon hallways that need to be placed at angles. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, Layouts, Measurements & Cuts Using a Framing Square & Its Tables, CONVERT INCHES to DECIMAL FRACTIONS of a FOOT, CONVERT INCHES of RISE per FOOT to DEGREES of SLOPE, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, COMMON RAFTER LENGTH PER FOOT OF RUN - this is the top line in the rafter length tables, HIP OR VALLEY RAFTER LENGTH PER FOOT OF RUN, Blade Back, under inch-marks 2-8: explained in detail at, Blade Back, under inch-marks 9 11: explained in detail at, Blade Back, under inch-marks 12-16: explained in detail at, Blade Back, under inch-marks 17-18: explained in detail at, Blade Back, under inch-marks 19-23: explained in detail at, 6" of rise per foot of run = 26.50 degrees of slope, 10" of rise per foot of run = 40 degrees of slope, 18" of rise per foot of run = 56.25 degrees of slope, 24" of rise per foot of run = 63.50 degrees of slope, On the back of a framing square along the outer edges of both the blade and tongue the inches are divided into, On the back of a framing square along the inner edge of the tongue (the shorter arm) inches are divided into, On the back of a framing square along the inner edge of the blade, inches are divided into, On the front of a framing square along the outer edge of the blade (the longer arm) inches are divided into, On the front of a framing square along the inner edge of the blade inches are divided into, On the front of a framing square along the outer edge of the tongue (the shorter arm) inches are divided into, On the front of a framing square along the inner edge of the tongue inches are divided into. On the last row shown here, don't glue the blocks shown in green! Why do we care about identifying the "face" or the "back" of the framing square? Brace it temporarily with a spare block while the glue dries. Also be sure that the top of the stair meets exactly on the block line (where the rows of blocks meet). Be sure to get them going the right way. Now glue a floor tile from the tower on top of the stair … Glue the stair piece along the wall as shown. Here we explain just how to use a framing square and its etched-on tables to figure out roof slope & rafter lengths, rafter cuts, brace lengths & cuts, stair stringer layout & cuts and other construction & framing layouts & saw cuts. Glue the floor tiles down to the center of the plan. The second floor will go on top of this last layer. We start by defining the parts of the square, then we list each of the tables found on the carpenter's square and we explain what the table is for. You'll see that the manufacturer's name (Empire) and the framing square model number (e1190) appear on the framing square's heel face. Print out an extra copy of the floor plan found on the, Place the next level of the tower on. At this point, you may want to flip the whole thing over and sand the top. The numbers and lines are of the same color and are quite a bit harder to read in some light conditions. The dark gray areas represent what you would need to fill somehow. The standard two-foot framing square, also referred to as a "carpenter's square" and historically as a "steel square" is an L-shaped tool that is used to mark angles for cuts used in building framing, particularly roof rafters, stair stringers, and many other cuts or angles other than 90°. On the newer framing squares there are degree conversions for different pitches and fractional equivalents. Finally, draw the wall around the outside of the floor. It's a little hard to see at first, but they should form a peak at the top. This square is also easily gouged and scarred when in use. These will act as spacers for the windows to come next. Octagon Rafter Calculator. This Online Roof Framing & Rafter Cutting Calculator is now hosted at and ... but could use an stair app calculator to check their stair building calculations. You may have to hold it a while until it dries. You might. Our sketch above illustrates just one of many uses of the carpenter's square: to lay-out a stair stringer, steps and step rise. ... Fontanot Arke` Stairs introduces the SKY030 spiral staircase… And you can see that the table gave us 46 11/16" while the calculation gave us 46 10/16" plus a hair. John Wiley & Sons, 2006. I placed the solid brick pattern towards the bottom on all of the blocks, and the half brick towards the top. You'll see that some white paint will remain in the recessed numbers and grooves of the tool. Bring all the miters together. Continue reading at FRAMING SQUARE RAFTER LENGTHS or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Another clever table allows you to accurately frame complex structures such as an octagon. These rows take a whole lot of elbow blocks. at FRAMING SQUARE DIVISION WARNINGS 8ths 10ths 12ths & 16ths. That tells me that if I'm measuring my cut to the nearest 16th of an inch I'll measure out 46" and another 10 1/2 sixteenths inches or 46 10/16" plus a hair as we say in the trade. Let's use the decimal to inch conversion table above to find the length of our brace hypotenuse in the 33 33 46.67 example given above. Set it on the tower and place the rest of the tower on top. Watch out: the measurement scales along various edges of the framing square are not all in the same units. The center photo shows what the trim pieces look like. Special tables give the number of joists, studs, or rafters in a floor, ceiling, wall or roof of given dimension. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. Draw up a basic floor framing plan. You can find these on the. To use the octagon scale on the framing square to cut stock into an octagon, use a pair of dividers whose ends are set apart a distance equal to the number of dots on the octagon scale that corresponds to the original length of the side of your starting rectangle. Glue these pieces around the outside. In this comprehensive guide, pro framers share their years of on-the-job expertise, leading you every step of the way from framing floors and stairs to framing walls and roofs. The next section shows you how to add a stairway spiraling around the outside of the tower. My current framing square, made by Empire Level, is made of light blue aluminum. Do this for the next 5 sides next to the stairs. See more ideas about octagon house, house floor plans, house plans. The second floor will set on top of this section, but we will have to alter it by leaving some tiles out to form a stairwell. Seeing as it's tolerance is to the nearest 1/16", it's no good for small projects such as jewlery boxes. Constructing Staircases Balustrades & Landings. Design the deck of your dreams with our new deck design software. At the end of this article at REFERENCES you'll find more texts and articles on using a framing square and written by other experts. Without a lot of thought I think figure that .687 is the closest number to my target of .67" so I'll measure my cut to 46 11/16". Finally, draw the outside walls around your floor. It will serve as a reminder not to put glue there. We will discuss the inch-divisions shown on the heel face of the framing square in just a bit further along in this article. The first instructions shown here do not include a spiral staircase. The first photo shows the top section removed (so you can see people standing in front of the arrow slits). Glue the two halves together but. Be sure that the top of the tile meets exactly on the block line. ISBN-10: 0471648361, ISBN-13: 978-0471648369, Hardcover: 320 pages, available from and also, Decks and Porches, the JLC Guide to, Best Practices for Outdoor Spaces, Steve Bliss (Editor), The Journal of Light Construction, Williston VT, 2010 ISBN 10: 1-928580-42-4, ISBN 13: 978-1-928580-42-3, available from When you hold the framing square with the tongue or shorter arm to your right and pointing down, on the outer edge of the framing square tongue are inches marked in 8ths, then the table I cite below, and finally inches marked in 16ths on the inner edge of the tongue. To calculate the amount of concrete needed with this calculator for stairs, you need to know the rise, run, throat depth, and the width of the stairs. Continue the other half of that block when you draw out the wall around the floor. Separately at DECK STAIR BUILDING DETAILS we explain in detail how a framing square is used to layout rise and run on the stair stringers when building stairs. Step 1: Materials Required. Because the two arms and four sides of them contain different tables of saw cut information that some texts will identify by their location on the framing square. Next trim away the outside and trim off the black outline also. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Use temporary supports to stabilize the frame while working. Next we'll make a walkway for the archers (who will want to use the arrow slits). As the numbers and line markings on your framing square are recessed, having been stamped into the metal of its body, you can improve the legibility of a monotonic framing square (for you carpenters that means it's all the same color), by painting the whole square surface with white latex paint. And as the finish wore off of this tool, if I did not use it often enough it was prone to rust. For a corner tower, it's basically the same thing.

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