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plantation 3 star rum

Plantation 3 Star Overall. Garrafa de 700 ml. On the palate, the rum is sugary and delicious. United States with If you read the original press release for the rum's introduction back in 2012, Cognac Ferrand proprietor Alexandre Gabriel basically concedes that the white rum category is a crowded space dominated by huge corporations, so, this offering didn't make sense for a tiny house such as his, from a purely fiscal standpoint. It doesn't really taste like a classic light rum; other reviewers have said it's a filtered gold rum. Plantation. Plantation 3 Star White Rum ... Bacardi Superior White Rum. For their Plantation Rum line, Cognac Ferrand buys amazing rum from a variety of rum producing islands and then blends and ages the rum in cognac barrels in France. So the 3-Star is the clear winner there. and a twelve year old rum from Jamaica all of which is carbon filtered leaving a clear rum. 314 ratings. This could be used as a sipping rum if you're in a bind but it is better suited as a mixer. ", Easily access Rumratings while on the go by adding a shortcut to your home screen. over 2 years ago I took the Real McCoy 3 yr - which is rated much lower and got some very bad reviews - added a little sugar, tried it (blind) side by side with this - and guess what? United States Falcon91Wolvrn03 Overall – Plantation 3 Star plays a counter point to El Dorado 3 in our line up. Posted Just a touch of sweetness with a very nice finish. Blended by the Cognac Ferrand master blender, this rum comes with some high accolades – according to Plantation. Ein super Mixer aber auch für den Genuss pur. Elaborado por Rhum Plantation, Plantation Rum 3 Stars White (18,30€) é um rum White feito em Jamaica tem 41.2º de teor alcoólico. ALCOHOL ABUSE IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Plantation 3 Stars is a tribute to the historic rums produced in the Caribbean, with a suave blend of the region’s three primary terroirs: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Plantation - White Rum 3 Star. . Another winner from C. Ferrand. RECOGNITION. from 95 ratings. The end result is that this rum is far more interesting than most other "white" rums, and it's actually sippable! Esta mistura final foi cuidadosamente pensada pelo nosso mestre de adega e cada ilha traz suas próprias características aromáticas. 305 ratings. Posted And because it’s not a Plantation rum without some kind of interesting twist, Plantation 3 Stars is a blend comprised of aged and unaged rums. These rums have been expertly blended by the the Cognac Ferrand Cellar Master. It has been emailed to the Rum Captain and will be actioned shortly. *Always check the label especially when it comes to spiced rums and flavoured rums which are not always safe for celiacs to … Rum is a spirit made in various styles and in many (mostly tropical) locations around the world. "Initially it sips quite well and is reasonably smooth but it is has a very strong taste when swallowed. Plantation 3 Star Rum is a blended white rum from Plantation’s “Bar Classics” range—a series of rums developed with the input of bartenders.To create 3 Star, Plantation combines aged and unaged rums from Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica. A great mixer but also for pure enjoyment. Rum: Plantation 3 Stars White. All products may not be available in all stores. Where El Dorado 3 plays the sweet, vanilla, cotton candied role in a drink – Plantation 3 Star is playing the role of the more tropical rum. Plantation 3 Star Rum is a blend of rums from the '3 Stars of the Caribbean'(Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad). Plantation 3 Stars is a white rum from the French based bottling giant Plantation . The name is coined from the 3 “stars” of the Caribbean from which the rum is obtained. Review: Plantation 3 Stars White Rum. Posted I was never a white rum fan, but this one was a pleasant surprise. France - Keenly vibrant and well-balanced, displaying the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados integrated w/ the fuller flavors of Jamaica. For Plantation 3 Stars, Gabriel decided to use a 3-year aged Trinidad rum, carbon filtered to maintain its white color and to remove the heavier tannins … from But more likely it will be used when "white" rum is called for. If you’re worried about that, then I’d go 1oz each of pineapple and regular Plantation 3 star rum. Switzerland by with Posted over 4 years ago OUR PHILOSOPHY. Explore the essential pillars of Plantation rums. Ageing : Blend of Barbados unaged, Trinidad 2-3 year old Jamaica unaged and a touch of Jamaica 10 year old, Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) : No caramel added. The aroma in the glass and in the bottle is rather of simple alcohol with subtle hints of things I really cannot identify (I'm not all that good at figuring out smells) but the flavor is quite delightful. Für eine Party ohne Kopfschmerzen und alle Geniesser. Plantation 3 Stars is a white rum from the French based bottling giant Plantation . Plantation 3 Star Rum may very well be the pinnacle of white rum. An 8 or a 9 against its peers. $59. 148 ratings. A blend of rums from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. Review #1296 – Plantation 3 Star Unaged Rum. The first-ever white rum from Plantation is named for three rum-producing “stars” of the Caribbean: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad.

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