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norway spruce planting distance

When planting Norway Spruce do not deepen the trunk. How far back from the 800' driveway did you plant them? But that could cost a pretty penny when they get 40' tall. Have a few extra planted down at the end of the row for replacements. The cones have a reddish hue before maturing to a deep brown. Simpler/ brighter versions of the same colours, when saved for smaller pieces, can then be changed out for fresher looks when they become tiring, without great upheaval. The tallest tree ever used was a 100-foot Norway Spruce from Killingworth, Conn. in 1948. So you planted around 50 B&B trees? Aim for more sophisticated/ neutral shades on items chosen with longevity in mind: your pendant, backsplash and stools, allowing colour to lead the eye through the space. Yes Tom is not me, but he knows his Norway spruce. Makes a pretty evergreen background for contrasting foliage colors, flowering shrubs or to highlight a fall leaf show in trees and shrubs. These trees will not tolerate even moderate levels of shade. Dwarf varieties of this tree are truly small in comparison, only 4 ft. high and wide. Search this site for examples using "arc lamp." A noisy gas compressor station was just built next door to our farm. Ken: you're reading my mind here, I can't decide if I'm overthinking this or if I should take some time to move them in spring. I plant most of my dwarf to intermediate conifers about 15' apart. As they grow rather large, they will tend to grow together and the trees will not be so broad as they would be if given more space, but I see no problem. ... Our trees are easy to plant, with a hole 14" wide by 12" deep, and many people do it themselves but if you want us to do: Layout, Planting, Provide chemical weed control for 58 trees @ $14 -$20 each depending on distance we have to travel for a total of $812.00 (at $14. All Rights Reserved. Your smaller accessories can then pick up a shade or two from the more permanent choices. Do not plant them on dry upland soils, especially in the southern part of the state. I think your 15 foot spacing will work very well. For whatever little benefit you might gain by giving them another five or ten feet, it will be so imperceptible, and they will grow together just as nice as can be just the way you've planted them! Norway Spruce Z 3 to 7 H 40-60' Picea abies. Lovely form under snowfall. Plant as many as you can, the least six to seven tiny plants (3-4 yr old seedlings) on a metre, let them grow, and remove the weakest plants from time to time, so that the strongest can thrive and in the end one plant on 3 metres is left.They will be tight and green for- and backwards and grown together as tight in the row. I have plenty of mature white pine and scotch pine on my property and I'm used to the low branches dying as they lose light, particularly those that were planted close together. In Finland fences made of Picea abies are extremely popular. Is particularly happy in soils with a moderate or high acid content, and prefers a high moisture level. Norway spruce grow to 60 feet high with an average width being half the height of the individual tree. I have learned an awful lot about evergreens in the past 5 years from your posts. Plant the windbreaks from between 60 to 100 feet from structures and feed lots, with the most effective distance being up to six times the tree's height. Snow drifts can form piles behind windbreaks a distance equal to three times the tree height in the windbreak. I consider them to be top-notch large-growing conifers, better than any of the spruce species native to the eastern US in my opinion. And what he reports is exactly true-your trees will grow just fine and it will be longer than you or I need to care about-if ever-before a lower limb or two begins to decline. The tree line runs east to west, so I'm guessing the needles should look ok on the north and south sides and thereby provide me a screen? Choose a place to plant the Norway spruce: Don't plant it too close to sidewalks, buildings or street right-of-ways. Reply: Daryell. It's all good. Will make an excellent evergreen hedge if well clipped. Norway Spruce grows rapidly when young, up to 3 feet per year! If you own the space, add a built-in to enclose the nook and wrap around the fireplace. Having framed the view from either side, you might also underline it with a rug runner along the counter run - Illums B again has some inspiration, the newest of which all follow the palette of the Storstein, so I haven't added photos. I'd also not be overly concerned with windthrow. I'd rank them as among the most resistant of all trees to storm damage, and I've seen a LOT of storm damage in trees! If you cannot plant an older spruce in early spring consider planting it in the late summer or early fall. You may have room for an armchair in the area where the left end of the sectional is now and possibly for an end table and table lamp to the right of the large window. And while this species does grow in Norway, the name is a bit of a misnomer. like the ottoman idea if you can get one narrow enough. I may add a few more but overall I was thinking this project was done until I started to see yard specimens over the winter here with Norways that looked 20 or even 30' spreads, so it started making me nervous. 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Considerations when Planting a Norway Spruce. They're not going to have trouble with each other. The pendant is from Illums Bolighus; any number of stores will carry more reasonable options in black or darker neutrals, but this is kind of glorious ( or shocking, depending on your taste) so was worth sharing. This tree grew in Eurasia, the Black Forest and other parts of the continent long before making its way to Norway around 500 B.C. The very shallow, spreading root system benefits from a 3 to 4 inch layer of organic mulch to moderate soil temperature and conserve moisture. Based on a 1936 report from Harvard, the recommended planting distance of Norway spruce has not changed significantly. They are tall and straight and of a triangular appearance, with a pointed crown. I've read that this tree gets to 25-40' spread "when mature", I just have no idea if I will hit that spread in 10, 20 or 50 years? Hi All:I did a lot of reading on this forum last summer concerning Norway spruce spacing. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. The area is only about 20' wide but 400' long. I am going to be planting Norway spruce along the east side of my property in a hay field. I live here in the low mountains of germany where Norway Spruce is not native, but common (for "forest agriculture").What i know is, that they can, established, grow up to a metre (or three foot and a bit) a year in height and about two to three foot in the width. Dave/Rick: I only planted 20 trees along about 350' of my driveway. They look for the largest, most beautiful tree they can find. The branches of the tree droop slightly in a weeping fashion. Norway Spruce is the fastest growing of the spruce and can grow up to 3' per year. Norway Spruce hedge: Fast growing evergreen conifer with shining dark green needles. I have no experience with any spruce, however. I feel that about 20ô is best.That way individual plant has enough foliage in long run to stay healty and less need for replacements. After that my lot opens and my driveway drifts away from my property line. I'm after a "green screen" here for the future more than anything else and will invest more time in moving the trees to get it right if need be. Of course, if some grow faster, and look better than others, the weaker, less beautiful ones can be thinned out later, and that can give more room to the nicer, stronger ones. I planted 10 last spring and 10 last fall, so my thinking is the ones from fall will be easy to move as they likely didn't throw out new root growth..not as sure on the spring ones. Beautious things to behold too! If the site already has tree cover, shade-tolerant trees such as eastern hemlock, blackgum, red spruce, or sugar maple would be better choices. I guess if I could do this over I would've went 20-25' apart but I'm liking your idea of every other. You didn't say but I assume they are species and not a grafted cultivar of some kind. The Arbor Day Foundation says that these trees are found in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 7. In other words, the branches might get a little naked on the inside toward the trunk, but I should have decent needle coverage on the outside? The root system of the tree grows close to the soils surface which makes growing grass or other plants around the Norway spruce difficult. Also when a tree is set back, in front of it is a nice place to insert a beautiful ornamental tree. Does poorly in shade conditions. Excellent choice for a front-yard holiday tree or as a semi-formal accent in large yards. This species of evergreen spruce tree can grow to a height of well over 50 feet, so you'll need to make sure you have enough room for a mature tree before you plant it. Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a tough conifer that makes for an easy-care landscape tree in US Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 7.It is also planted extensively for forest restoration and windbreaks. Out of their orange-brown stems they produce long needle-like leaves which boast exceptionally dark green colouring. Like spruceman said, this species of tree holds its lower limbs very well. And we'll also be planting additional NS trees ourselves along our mutual property line. Worst case you have to remove some trees in a few years. If, “Yes!” then it was planted too close. Thrives on many types of soils. Try to choose cloudy weather for planting, and it will also be useful if it rained the day before. They are 5' B&B trees. These trees get full sun and they are free of any weeds and grasses. Even if they do, it'll just be the bottom few feet. It's best to plant the tree as soon as you bring it home from the nursery, but it's important to avoid planting the tree during extremely dry weather and to give it at least six weeks to develop before the first frost of the season.. Dwarf Alberta Spruce Tree distance between leech field? Anything is possible and we never know what the weather is going to do, but everywhere I look here in windy Wisconsin are big, old NS, which not only haven't been torn out of the ground by the wind, they appear to have never sufferered any appreciable weather-related damage whatsoever! Older plantations varied in range from 5-by-5 feet up to 15-by-15 feet square. These trees are used for various applications, ranging from protective cover to landscaping or Christmas trees. I am going to recycle an old fence line to create cages to protect the trees from deer and will keep the hay field mowed around them. OR, do I simply leave them alone, and when the time comes that they grow too close together, do I remove every other tree? I live in Western NY, zone 5, and I live on a flag lot with an 800' foot long driveway. A couple years ago I dug a 6' B&B crap out to move it... took me a few hours to transplant and the next two days to recover lol. 1. I planted my green giants to close (I planted these before I knew how to determine the size.) Add a round glass coffee table, pillows, a colorful area rug and an arc lamp in the corner behind the sofa. It will look good for many decades to come. Find one of two planting distances for Norway spruce in tree farm operations. When the amount of rows increases to greater than three rows, the separation between trees should increase to 8 feet, with spacing between rows increasing to between 10 and 12 feet. I decided last fall to plant a single row of Norway Spruce along the driveway for privacy purposes (hide my neighbor's junk). If they grow 2' a year you'll have only 15 years. This will allow everything I have to grow 30' diameter without touching. A deeper shade for a pendant and on artwork just across the aisle will keep the eye up and frame the entrance. 30 feet or more should be a safe distance from the drainfield or soakbed or leach field. It also reflects where the colour trends are heading. Plant windbreaks at a minimum distance of 100 feet from protected areas on level land; this distance should be reduced to 60 feet on steep, sloping ground. on your current or similar stools, - they correspond with wood tones in the next room that are visible, and lend some warmth without attracting too much attention to themselves. Older plantations varied in range from 5-by-5 feet up to 15-by-15 feet square. In 40 years they should be 24'x12' give or take some which is well within my 30' limit diameter limit. I also like a row of two of shrubs one one side of the conifers; it increases the "edge" effect. I've planted over 11,000 conifers, including over 5,000 Norway Spruce (1997 and 1999). But this only reinforces that what you have already done will be just fine. It is going to be 360' of Norway spruce. Brand New White Kitchen - Needs splash/color (Stavanger, Norway). But I also plan to stay at this house for the rest of my life, and I am concerned that in 10-20 years, these trees will grow too close together and lose the bottom branches. Spruce White, black and Norway spruce are well suited to fairly acid clay loam soils. Last summer, with its cool and moist weather regime, we saw growth increments of more than four feet on many of them. Spacing for Evergreen Trees. Here it is: When the tree matures & gets old & you, or your successor, need to cut it down, will it hit your house when it falls? 115 year old Norway Spruce destroyed Aug 10. I don't know how fast they grow, but if they grow a 1' wide each year you'll have at least 30 years before they touch. I like the chair, if the fabric is in good condition I might just try painting or staining the wood & cane, I like the pop of red as an accent color, whoever not everyone likes that, that's just me. Old Tjikko, a clone of Norway spruce is believed to be 9, 550 years old, being the oldest living tree in the world. How much room is there btwn bar stools & where living area begins? I planted them 15' apart. Siberian spruce is known to be its subspecies but scientists are researching about it as the two trees are extremely similar. I also love your couch & love seat, how long is the couch? Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! But given your situation and goals there for a screen, 15 feet will do just fine. Norway Spruce Screen Planting Distance. If you planted that many, I think it would be near impossible to dig all of them out without a lot of help or a machine. There Eric-you've got the best Norway spruce info available on the web right there from Spruceman. From my experience, one of the leaders will eventually give up by itself. When/if these get to crowded, I plan to just remove every other one. This tree should be given plenty of room and is ideal for spaces needing a fast growing screen. Brian offers his tips on planting bare root Norway spruce for road screening, windbreak, and general wildlife habitat improvement Plant the Norway spruce trees 6 feet apart in rows, with the rows being 8 feet apart when using three rows. Brighten up a drab corner of your garden with Picea orientalis ‘Skylands’, a smaller spruce that a bird family might just call home, Step Inside a Graphic Designer's Creative, Light-Filled Cottage, 20 small fixes to have your home office and closets spiffed up in no time, Get your outdoor space ready for summer with 6 simple and budget-friendly ideas, We love our neutrals, but with spring in the air, they might just need a little lift, Mint tiles got you feeling blue? The number of the tree’s synonym crosses 150. You could maintain the wood shade you have ( minus paint spatters!) Thanks for looking at my opinion let us know what you come up with. Because of its size, the Norway spruce has been considered one of the more useful trees through history. The Norway Spruce is a fast growing (2-3’ per year) evergreen that has dark green needles that are 1 inch long, and can grow up to 5 ft a year in a good weather year. Do one a year and use it for a Christmas tree. Norway Spruce have beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. Older spruces can be planted after the first hard frost. Enjoy! Thinner than that wonôt look full in first ten years. The study shows that smaller spacing allowed for denser growth and more productivity of wood stems. Figure 2. Thanks for the advice you put on these boards. Let them maintain the solid wind screen. I'm with the "crikey man" guy..................leave em be. Just the way it is. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, University of Missouri Extension: Planting Tree Windbreaks in Missouri, Harvard University: Study of Existing Norway Spruce Plantations, University of Vermont Extension: Planting a Windbreak, University of Idaho Extension: Christmas Tree Marketing. Plant the windbreaks using a "U" or "L" formation, with a distance of 50 feet beyond the corners of the protected area. In this video I show you Norway Spruce and give you a very thorough guide on growing Norway Spruce. One more thing, if you'll permit me to brag just a bit: I've got thousands of NS up at my tree farm, the oldest of which have been in the ground (from seedling) for four growing seasons. Norway Spruce Picea abies Description & Overview. While U-cut operations can utilize a 5-by-5-foot spacing, larger trees could suppress newer seedlings because stands contain various ages of trees since they are replaced once they are cut. If you planted them 15' on center, that'll allow each one to get 30' wide before touching. Vaxbo has good colouring and texture for their work cloths, and a new teapot, matching mugs on that rack and a visually substantial cutting board will give great polish to your work area. The soil temperature should hover at 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit when planting, according to the University of Nebraska's website. The young bark is a coppery grey-brown and appears smooth, but is rough with papery scales. He is an expert on spruce aka Picea abies He goes by the handle of spruceman. I might put the couch w/back to stools to sort of make a seperation of spaces, if there is enough space to walk, then you would have more room for loveseat & chair but those big tall wonderful windows may prove to be a problem,??? Figure 3. The evergreen conifer Norway spruce (Picea abies) grows approximately 100 feet in height. Because of its potential size, Norway spruce is often used as a windbreak, screen or large hedge in large-scale landscapes. There’s actually a good rule of thumb. Based on a 1936 report from Harvard, the recommended planting distance of Norway spruce has not changed significantly. One little warning to Norway Spruce:It tends to form very shallow root plates, what is a serial problem in the local forestry over here. If there is no rain, water the plant two or three days before planting so that it is stored in water, this is especially important in the first weeks. I had originally planned to plant on 16 foot centers, knowing Norways can get quite big (120' - 150' tall and 40' - 50' diameter at end of life), but was talked into closer spacings. Norway Spruce is the ideal choice for a hedgerow in my location. They will not loose bottom foliage where exposed to full sun. If you dislike cones, reconsider choosing a Norway spruce. Nurseries advice to plant 12ôapart so that they can sell more. I actually like your idea of moving every other..I do have another spot where I had planned to add more norways of the same size this spring, so this would save me some money. So my question is this: I feel like I have a one-time opportunity to move these trees further apart this coming spring, say 20-25' apart. Plant the windbreaks from between 60 to 100 feet from structures and feed lots, with the most effective distance being up to six times the tree's height. Put the tv in the nook section, art over the fp with a mantel tying it to the built-in, and move your sofa into the corner so the room will open up. An ideal windbreak consists of five rows of trees with smaller plants surrounding the rows. Thanks for sharing your kitchen. It seems you are saying that I will not lose the lower part of my wall in 10-20 years? And so does Ken. Norway spruce is a fast-growing evergreen conifer which can reach 40m and live for up to 1,000 years. You are overthinking it. These Norway spruce were planted in a dense clump to provide wildlife cover. When using Norway Spruce for privacy screening, you can plant them straight in a row or stagger them. The roots of a Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree are typically 10-15 feet in all directions from the trunk. It is not a tree for smaller yards. If you do the sides will be void of foliage. they will grow together ... to make a solid wall ... the branches facing each other.. will.. as you think.. brown and thin.. as they lose sun ... who cares .. they will be interior ... all facets.. facing out.. to the sun .. will grow without losing needles ... you trim up becasue you wnat the space under.. not for losing branches ... you are having a problem 'seeing' the difference between forest trees .. and individual specimens ... and i cant think of a way of googling that to show you ... all conifers shed needles in 1 to 3 years ... and off hand.. i am thinking this one holds for 3 years .... correct me if i am wrong ... but come.. 20 or 30 years down the line.. if you were to crawl inside.

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